Neutral Brown Lightroom Mobile Presets

When it comes to editing photos it can be difficult. Thanks to presets, you only need one click and a few adjustments to your photos and you are good to go! In the past month I have been working hard on these new presets. I’m all about neutral tones for my photos. I can’t wait to share this with you!

Like I said earlier, I love photos that are neutral in tone. Neutral colors and feels have been so trendy throughout instagram feeds and I have to agree that neutral tones never gets old. So here are a few presets I have been working on the past month.

Neutral Brown Lightroom Mobile Presets includes 4 presets: Acorn, Chestnut, Terra, and Auburn.

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  1. Acorn Preset

This preset works great with both outdoor and indoor photos that bring the neutral clean tone to your photos. Here are a few before and after pictures using the Acorn preset.

Tip: Adjust the exposure and highlight to match with what you want. With outdoor pictures you can adjust the saturation of the orange color to get what you want.

2. Terra Preset

The Terra Preset works great if you love the browner tones in your photos. This preset is my favorite for outdoor pictures.

Tip: Adjust the saturation of the green color if you want turn up green colors of your photos

3. Chestnut Preset

This preset is similar to the Acorn Preset, but slightly different in that it is a has a brighter neutral tone feel.

Tip: Adjust the exposure to get what you want for your photos.

4. Auburn Preset

This is a deep brown tone. I personally like using this on photos with little light, such as cloudy day photos.

Tip: Adjust the saturation up and down for the orange and red colors to match what you want.

Please keep in mind that they may require some tweaks to suit each individual image, as the final results can vary from one photo to the next depending on the lighting, shadow, colors, tones and your camera settings.

** How to install dng file to Lightroom Mobile**

After you download the DNG files. Go to your Lightroom app, then click on the + icon, where you can import photos to Lightroom, and select the DNG files. All the DNG files will show up blank white, but after you import all of them into Lightroom, it will show the cover picture for each preset. The final step is to click on the selected DNG files picture on the Lightroom app, then create the preset where you can write down the name of the preset. Then you are good to use the preset.

If your phone is using ISO13 and cant import the DNG files from your camera roll to your lightroom app. This is what you need to do

  1. After you downloaded the DNG files to your camera roll. Save it to files -> add the files to “Pages”
  2. Go to Lightroom App, create an album, then add the DNG files from Pages to that album.
  3. The final step is to click on the selected DNG files picture on the Lightroom app, then create the preset where you can write down the name of the preset.

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