Finn’s First Halloween

It is so hard to dress a baby up; they move so much and never cooperate for good pictures 😬 I was so busy and didn’t really have much time to prepare a lot for his first Halloween, so I just dressed him up using what I had around our apartment. There are so many cute costumes I wanted to dress him up as like a Lion 🦁 elephant 🐘 Well, there are many more Halloweens ahead so I saved those ideas. I love Japanese anime movies like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro… So I had to dress him up as something from the movies before he starts having an opinion about what he wants to be 💁🏻‍♀️ So here are a few pictures of his first Halloween that I want to share.

No Face.

Oh gosh! He looks more like a scary No Face than the cute No face we wanted him to be 😱. But this costume was easy to do. I just used a black shirt for the costume. Then I made my own face paint by mixing baby lotion and corn starch and applied it to his face. I used eye liner to draw the black marks on his face. This was the most tricky part. HE WONT STOP MOVING 🥴 I didn’t get any good pictures of him, probably because he hates being No Face I think 🤪

Okay, you get it! He hates being ” No Face”


He is much happier being Totoro. I took these pictures the same day as the No Face costume.

This was an easy costume. I bought this off of Amazon, it was only about $7. I’m a house plant lover so this costume is perfect. He enjoyed it much better than No Face 🙃

Last one. He dressed up as me. How easy is that? This has got to be my favorite one 🙂

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