5 Common Mistakes That Easily Killed Your Plants

If you google common mistakes that kill your plants, I’m sure you will find basically the same mistakes I will list here. Houseplants are not as hard to care for as you can avoid these mistakes. When I was a beginner plant parent, I did lots of research after I killed many of my plants. So I’m listing them here. I’m no expert, I’m still learning. I’m just sharing what I found to be helpful for me

  1. Overwatering

Overwatering is probably the most common mistake, We might think that giving more water to a plant will keep it healthy and help it grow faster.I killed so many plants in the past because of this. Indoor plants are different than outdoor plants, they live inside a pot and if you water them too much the soil will remain soaked in water, leading to growing mold and rotten roots (root rot).

So how often do you water your plants? Usually with all indoor plants, watering once a week should be plenty. It is also depend on what pot you are using. Some pots are made out of clay or metal. Clay pots can vary in types of clay; some clay pots absorb water very quickly so you have to water the plant more often. I have a metal pot for my pilea and it doesn’t absorb water very well. So, I water them every 2 weeks or sometimes every 3 weeks. Make sure all your pots have a hole at the bottom so the extra water can drain out of the pot to prevent root rot. I usually water all of my plants on Mondays. You can also try to feel the soil by poking your index finger in the soil a couple inches deep. If it’s still moist, I would water them less.

If you happen to go on vacation, you need to make sure someone can help you water them. Without water they can die pretty quickly.

2 Too Much Sunlight

Lots of us think plants need as much sunlight as possible in order for them to grow or stay healthy. Most all indoor plants don’t like direct sunlight. They love bright indirect sunlight. If you place them in direct sunlight for a long time, they will get sun burn, which can kill them

3. Not the right temperature

I live in a place where it gets very cold during the winter and my plants need more attention compared to other seasons. I’ve placed succulents near the window before where it gets very cold. After a few weeks, I noticed the succulents began looking very poor.

Also, don’t put your plants near a heater or a vent. The soil gets dry very fast–drying out the plant as well.

4. Forgetting to Fertilize

You are probably wondering what fertilization is if you are a new plant parent. I didn’t know what fertilization is until a few of my plants died. I did a few research and found out that in order to keep them alive, i need to fertilize them. Unlike plants or trees outside, indoor plants live in a small pot. The soil contains nutrition only for a limited time. Therefore, we fertilize the plants once/month so they can get enough nutrients from the soil. I usually fertilize my plants once/1.5 months. Because fertilizer for indoor plants is typically mixed with water, I fertilize and water my plants at the same time.

I use Miracle-Gro water soluble all purpose plant food. You can get them at anywhere for under $3. I got mine from Amazon. It can last you for years since you only need 1/4 teaspoon for every 1/2 gallon of water. Mix the fertilizer with the water very well. Then, just water the plants as you would normally. Make sure the water drains through the bottom of the pot to indicate the soil is soaked through.

Also, something to note: Try to use filtered water instead of tap water because tap water contains some chemicals which aren’t good for the plants.

5. Forgetting About Your Plants

Many of us sometimes forget about our plants. If you have many plants to care for, sometimes it is impossible to remember all of them. It is normal if you neglect your plants here and there.

But, if you have can manage, try not to forget to water them. Set a schedule to water all of your plants on one day so it is easier to remember. If you forget to water your plants, they will look very droopy and slowly die.

Again, these are 5 common mistakes that easily kill plants. If you own many plants like I do, sometimes it is hard to keep everything perfect, but it is just part of the flow 🙂

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