Welcome to my blog My name is Sky. I’m a wife, a mother, a houseplant addict and a business owner. I created this blog just to share my life with you. I’m originally from Vietnam; I graduated from Brigham Young University, majored in Communication Disorders. I also own an online boutique. Ryan, my husband is from Utah. He is the most funny, weird, kind, and handsome man I’v ever known. We have a baby named Finn. He is the reason why I started this blog. Life is so much fun with him. I try to write about the beauty of life as well as trials and hardships while having a positive outlook on life.

Life is not easy, but we find joy and love each day. We are far from perfect but we love each other and have God, marriage and family as our highest priority. I hope that I can share a little from our life with you to show that even seemingly boring days can actually be an exciting. So, welcome to this blog and thank you for reading along!