Online Store Supply List

Before I opened my shop, I had no idea what to get for a small shop, even when I did my research, it was overwhelming to see the giant list of things people said were needed. So I’m here to tell you what you really need (and of course you don’t have to buy exactly what I list here. If you find other things that work for you, then do it). Below are all the must-have supplies for my own shop.

1. Laptop

Obviously!!! You need a laptop for your business. I use a MacBook. You might ask if an iPad would work. It does!! but I think laptop is much faster and more convenient when adding new products and designing your own website… I only use my iPad to store pictures, emails, and use the Shopify app to check orders.

2. Basic printer

You need this to print out return policies, invoices, etc… This will come in handy when you need to print out terms and conditions for your collaborations….

3. DYMO Printer

OK! This is a timesaver. The DYMO Printer prints out labels for you much the same way a regular printer would, but the labels are stickers and are already the perfect size for shipping, so all you have to do is peel and stick. You don’t have to worry about ink ( which can get really expensive). It is so convenient to print out shipping labels. It saves you SO MUCH TIME!!! With this printer, I will never have to print a label onto regular paper, cut it out, and tap it onto a package. This is a MUST-HAVE for any online store. You want to save time for doing things that matter. The bottom line of your business is to invest time on things that really matter and minimize time spent on small unimportant or tedious tasks. If you click on the picture below, you can see which website I purchased the item from.

4. Scale.

You will also need a postal service shipping scale to weigh the packages. I got mine from (Link below). You never want to estimate the weight of your finished packages. Alway use the scale. The post office will return your packages if your packages weigh more than what’s printed.

5. Your own tags, postcards/ package insert

Including business cards and “thank you” inserts in every package can be a great way to encourage customer to keep coming to your shop. You will want to design a card that has your business’s logo, social media handles, email, and the website for your shop. I designed my business card to be square shaped so I can use it as my clothing tags as well. You can create your own design on Canva, then upload the design to to order them. I usually order 10000 cards so I don’t have to order them too often.

6. Tagging gun

You are going to need a tagging gun to tag your products, especially if you’re selling clothing. The reason why I put tags on every single one of my items is because I want it to look professional. It also keeps people from wearing your items then immediately returning them. Without the tag they can’t return. It just helps prove the item is now considered “used.”

Ps: Some people still wear the clothes then put the tag back on, you’ll know when you see the returned items. There is nothing you can do about that. It is part of owning a business. But putting the tags on and attaching your return policy will help minimize this problem.

7. Tissue papers

You need tissue papers to wrap orders. Just to make it looks nice and professional. I got 2 different sizes for tissues paper. You can use the bigger size for bigger orders. Link below to shop.

You can get them from or Amazon.

8. Poly mailers

Poly mailers are great because it’s very lightweight so it keeps the shipping costs down, plus it protects the item from rain…You can get poly mailers from There are so many sizes and different patterns to choose from too… I just get the blank gray color because it is cheaper and gets the job done. You will want to get a few different sizes that can fit most of the items you will sell.

Those are pretty much the most basic things you will need for your office. Besides that you will need organizing racks, shelves, bins, photography backdrop paper, a camera… I will go more into how to take pictures of your products and edit your product pictures on my next blog post! Stay tuned!

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How to Start a Small Online Shop/Boutique

So many people have reached out to me and ask how I started my online boutique. I finally have time to write a post about this. This post will briefly go over the steps to open an online shop. Starting an online shop can be complicated if you don’t know where to begin. I’m sure you may be having doubtful thoughts about opening a shop, like wondering if you need to become a computer wiz or a website designer in order to begin or manage the shop well, questions about how costly opening a shop may be, wondering if you need professional help, or even doubts as to whether or not you will succeed. The list goes on.

I started with Sora Street Boutique in August 2018. It is a one mama show (I do everything myself). Sora Street Boutique is a small shop carrying primarily baby + kid + toddler clothes. We are all about affordable and trendy clothes for your little ones. Check us out by clicking on the picture below 😉

Enough advertising. Let’s get to the point!

  1. Think about what you are selling.

I’m sure you have in mind what you want to sell already. Imaging in your head if that is what you really want to do. Can you see yourself dedicating time and effort into the shop? Also, can you see your business being successful 10 years from now. Once you have an idea in your mind, you can start thinking up names for your business (think of a name that you really like and can live with) The next step is all legal documentation.

2. Register for Tax ID (EIN), Seller permit..

EIN or Tax ID is like the social security number for your business. You use this to pay your taxes to your state quarterly or yearly (depending on how much your income is).

Apply for a sellers permit, also known as a tax exemption. This license will allow you to buy from wholesalers or manufacturers without paying taxes. You will collect tax as you resell their products.

Note: Every state requires different laws. Check the law from your own state.

3. Open up a business bank account.

In order to open up a bank account, you will be required to present your business EIN number. I highly recommend to open up a business bank account. This will help separate from your personal money and your business money.

4. Set up your website

You can hire a professional to help you set up the website the way you want. I didn’t hire anyone since I didn’t have a large budget. I set up my website by myself. I use Shopify to run my website. Shopify is pretty user friendly and you are given the option to buy your own domain. So, I’m sure you will do great setting up your website without hiring a professional if you choose to do so.

5. Find wholesalers, or manufactures.

Do tons of research online to figure out where to buy from wholesalers or manufactures. You can also find and attend fashion trade shows to find wholesalers as well. Like how a magician can’t reveal his trick, I won’t be sharing where I get my products from. Trust me though, it took me 100s of hours of research for me to figure this one out.😬

Note: Most of wholesalers require you to provide your sellers permit and EIN number.

6. Social Media.

Create a business Instagram and Facebook account. Instagram plays a HUGE role in online business. SO, take advantage of this platform to find customers through that space. Remember, the Internet is a busy place; you can’t sit back and wait for customers to visit your website and make purchases. Look for ways to actively promote your business. This is probably the hardest part of owning a small online shop.

When you first open your shop, be prepared for the first few months of minimal sales. Don’t worry, because this is completely normal. Just don’t feel discourage. Building your business takes more than one day. It takes time and effort. But you got this! 👊🏻

That is pretty much it. Leave a comment if you have any questions. If you haven’t followed my blog yet make sure you do so. My next post soon will be about what you need for your online store supply list. Stay tuned! ❤️